Starting your own business is a great way to have a career in the field you love while also having the freedom to do it your way!

It can feel confusing getting started and deciding the first steps you should take. Here, we’ll guide you through how to start planning for your own home improvement business.

1. Be aware that this is an investment of both time and money

Starting your own home improvement business takes a lot of motivation. Before you spend any energy on this project, make sure you’ve got enough time to dedicate in growing your business. This may become a full-time responsibility, so keep that in mind as well.

Not only is starting a business a large time commitment, but it is a large financial one as well. Starting your own business isn’t always easy, and it comes with ups and downs, especially when you’re first establishing yourself. You’re going to want to have enough in savings to give your business time to become profitable, and you will probably have to invest in things like tools to get you started.

If you don’t feel like you’ve got enough saved yet financially, don’t get discouraged! Taking the extra time to save money will be worth delaying starting your business to make sure you have a successful start.

2. Decide what you’ll specialize in

It’s important to think about what has inspired you to start your own business. What is it about home improvement that you genuinely love and are passionate about? The great part about starting your own business is that you get an opportunity to make it fun and enjoyable for yourself. Make this journey something you’ll be proud of.

We all have our strengths - take yours and use them to your advantage when deciding what your company’s specialty will be.

3. Determine your target audience

Before you jump into advertising your services, you’ll need to determine who you’ll be advertising to.

You might be thinking, I want to help everyone! While that sounds great, the truth is, not everyone is looking for your services. Targeting those who are will prevent you from wasting time, and get you on the path to reaching out to those in need of your services.

Check out Google Ads! They help create personalized ads by asking important questions like your goal, where you want to advertise and your message.

4. Build your brand

Now that you’ve decided what your company will specialize in and who your audience is, it’s time for the fun part!

  1. Come up with a name for your company
  2. Have a logo designed
    • Come up with something unique and make it stand out! It’s worth paying someone to do this, so it comes out looking professional and represents your brand well.
  3. Get business cards
  4. Create a brand identity
    • What does your company value? What are your morals? What quality do you have that will enhance the lives of your clients?
  5. Look into liability insurance for your company, and any other insurance that will ultimately protect you and your future clients. Without it, you could be responsible for legal claims made against you.

5. Start talking about your company!

Aside from creating personalized ads like those mentioned in step 3, you can start talking about your business to those around you. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool - tell your friends and family, and leave business cards at your local hardware store if you can. You never know who might be in need of your services!

Creating your own home improvement company requires planning and time. It might not be easy in the beginning, but don’t give up! All businesses have to start somewhere. Taking these 5 steps will give your company a push in the right direction!