Owning a small business can be challenging. It may be hard to know everything you need to do to expand your business, or even if you are doing too much. The truth of the matter is - the more you’re doing, the better. Using multiple marketing methods for your business is a great way to expand your business and, ultimately, earn more for your efforts.

What are multiple marketing methods?

In a nutshell, having multiple marketing methods for your business means that you are using different channels and approaches to expand your business. When your business uses different marketing methods, you’re increasing your chances of your business being both seen and heard across all platforms. Some examples of marketing methods include:

  • business cards
  • car decal
  • a website
  • social media
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • door hangers
  • newsletters
  • blogs

The more marketing methods and channels that you advertise through, the greater chance you will have at expanding your business and experiencing success.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Multiple Marketing Methods

You’ll have a leg-up on the competition

There’s no doubt that there are probably a dozen companies out there offering services that are extremely similar to your own. So, how do you separate yourself from the competition? Using multiple marketing methods is a great, simple way to start. The more number of times that a potential client sees your name means the less number of times they will see a competitor's name.

Chances are that clients are also going to want to shop around before they decide on a business to use for a project. They are likely to see countless businesses, and a way to ensure that your business stays at the forefront of their mind is to always make sure it can be seen - through multiple marketing methods. You don’t want to give them the chance to forget you, and you always want to remind them why they should choose you.

Your business will build a brand

A brand is more than your name or business - it’s how customers perceive and experience your business. Brands can evoke emotion and memories, and they are a strong tool in advertising. By having a distinct brand, your business will build credibility and scope, and it will increase its purpose and values in the mind of your clients.

Think about the largest companies in the world - they all have distinct brands that evoke specific feelings: Coca-Cola spreads joy and sharing, Apple encourages lifestyles and innovation, Disney is the happiest and most magical place on earth. These large companies have built worlds out of their brands, and you can, too.

Read more about building your brand at Entrepreneur.

Your business will grow

The more times a client sees your name, the more likely they are to call you. There are more opportunities for engagement, which means more opportunities for you to grow and expand your business. By advertising through multiple marketing channels, you are pushing your business into new territories that it might not have been able to access before.

The bottom line is this: no one is going to visit your business if they don’t know about it. By sharing your business through as many means possible, you’re giving your business its best chance at being seen as many times as possible. This, in turn, will grow and expand your business in unprecedented ways.

Your business will earn more money

All the other reasons we have listed have ultimately lead us here - by sharing your business through multiple marketing methods, your business will ultimately earn more money. You will not only attract new clients, but also retain the old. You will be able to boost your sales (because now more people know about your company and trust your brand) and increase your number of projects. Ultimately, by using multiple marketing methods you are expanding your business more than you ever could if you only advertised or shared your business in one way.

It’s important that you share your business through as many methods possible. The more you share, the more people can take part in what you have to offer. Using multiple marketing methods is a way to strengthen your business and face the future with success.

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