Whether your company is just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, reviews are a very important part of building and maintaining your company’s credibility. While you might be hesitant to ask your client for a review, there’s a right way to go about this process. Here are some things to consider when you ask a client for a review:

How you ask your client for a review makes a difference

There’s nothing wrong with taking the chance and asking your clients to write a review about your services. What it comes down to, is how you ask them.

Be sure to be polite and professional. Start off by emphasizing how thankful you are that they chose to work with your company. From there, ask them if they can do you a favor and leave a review highlighting their experience working with your company.

You can ask for reviews in person or you could go the digital route and email them. If you do it in person, have a device available and ready for them to use to write a review. Make it convenient for them.

When emailing your client, make sure to personalize the message. For the subject of the email, address the client by name. An example could be: “Hello John, how did we do?”

Be sure to link the website where they can write their review. Examples of these websites are Yelp, Google Reviews, or they can leave a review on your company’s Facebook page.

Tell them how reviews are beneficial

You’ve built a connection with this client, so be transparent when it comes to asking for reviews. For example, reviews are very helpful when attracting new clients. Let them know that you would love for them to be a part of the expansion and growth of your business.

A great approach to encouraging reviews is to talk about not only the way it will benefit you, but how it will benefit others. Mention that not only will this help you as a company, but also potential clients who are like them, and are looking for similar services.

This is a way for you to show your clients that you’re not just looking out for your business, but your clients as well.

When you ask your client is key

The best time to ask your client for a review is when they are the happiest. Generally, this is going to be after the project is complete and everything has fallen into place. They are the most excited right after you’ve completed their project, and that’s what they’ll be thinking about. As time passes, they get busy and naturally they’ll think less about the project.

Don’t wait until the end to see if they’re unhappy, and risk a chance that they write a bad review. Be in communication with your client throughout the entire process.

You want to know if they are unhappy and fix those issues along the way to make sure your client is 100% satisfied with your work, so when you go to ask them for a review, they’ll be more than willing to help out!

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