Do you find that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with all of your work documents, track the progress of several projects, and properly communicate changes and updates with your clients? You should consider a construction management software for your business. A construction management software is a program that will allow you and your team to perform all of your work duties, such as contract negotiation, project planning, invoice distribution, and communication all in one place.

Here is a list of 5 construction management software programs with varying price points:


PlanGrid is made for general contractors, specialty contractors, design teams, and owners. The software provides a place for all project contributors and clients to have access to project documents such as drawings, specifications, and progress photos. When updates and revisions are made to any aspect of the project, everyone gets notified immediately to eliminate any miscommunication. PlanGrid provides a suite of collaboration tools such as Issue Tracking to track all assignments, and Field Reports to complete job site reports and inspections.

Price: Plan Grid starts at $39/month per user. There is a free version and a free trial.


CoConstruct boasts being the #1 highest rated software for custom home builders and remodelers. It is an all-in-one program that has single-entry spreadsheets where project data, such as measurements and formulas, can be automatically be transferred into other aspects of the project. The estimate, specs, selections, bids, proposals, change orders, and budgets are all based on the spreadsheet’s data. CoConstuct also has patent pending communication features for you, your team, and your clients along with top-tier scheduling capabilities.

Price: CoConstruct starts at $49.99/month.


Buildertrend is a cloud-based project management program that helps construction professionals save time by reducing delays and eliminating communication errors. The software will provide you with 24/7 access to project needs. You will be able to share photos, update schedules, and send change orders all on one platform and from any device. According to internal data conducted by Hobson & Co. on behalf of Buildertrend, users will spend 55% less time on scheduling and job production, 50% less time on communication between field and office, and will receive a $230,970 return on investment in 3 years. Buildertrend has features for pre-sale, project management, finances, and customer management.

Price: Buildertrend starts at $99.99/month with a 30 day money-back guarantee.


Procore has the ability to manage a project from its inception through its completion. The program is designed for construction companies of all sizes and provides solutions for every project contributorーthe owner, the general contractor, and the specialty contractor. According to a 2020 global survey of 651 Procore customers, customers are able to take on a 30% higher work capacity, save about 12 hours each week and report an 84% greater visibility. One unique feature offered by Procore is the integration of over 200 apps that can benefit your business without ever having to leave Procore.

Price: Procore starts at $375/month with a required annual contract.


RedTeam is also a software that allows you to plan and manage an entire project all in one place. Their Optical Character Recognition tool lets you drag and drop all of your project plans and specifications for a wide scope overview. Within the program, you will be able create and manage drawings, track all stages of contract negotiation, manage milestones, handle documents, and plan meetings and agendas. RedTeam offers education and training resources for you and your entire team that can help improve your craft and grow your business. If you or any members of your crew have problems or need help navigating the software, RedTeam has a support team ready to help via email, live chat, and Help Center video resources.

Price: RedTeam is offered for $4,200/year with varying price structures.

Construction management software was once just a nice asset to have within your company but as the industry continues to grow, it is now becoming a necessity for most businesses. Smaller companies may be more reluctant to pay for programs like these but with the proper research, any construction company can find the management software that best suits their size, workload, and budget. is here to help your business succeed. Our tools will help you save time and money, understand the ins and outs of business management and spend your days providing exception services to your customers rather than marketing and office tasks. We’ve got your back with practical help managing and growing your business.