Building a tiny home from scratch can be a pretty intimidating process. It takes a great deal of time, effort and patience that many people may not be prepared for unless they are already a professional contractor. The planning process alone can be very overwhelming for many. Luckily for people interested in tiny house living, there is a solution—tiny house kits.

A tiny house kit comes with almost everything a future tiny homeowner would need. Most tiny house kits come with everything from pre-cut materials to all the screws and hardware that you will need to ensure your new home is completed in its entirety in a short amount of time.

Tiny home kits come in a variety of design options and price points, so you are sure to find one that you love.

Here is a list of the best tiny home kits available on the market right now.

Allwood: Mayflower

The Allwood Mayflower Tiny House is known for its wagon shape and rustic design. It can be used as a home office, guest house or yoga studio depending on your DIY skills. However, its natural design makes it most suitable for a great garden house.

The Mayflower is made of Nordic spruce and sits on top of wrought-iron wheels. At only 116 square feet, it would be considered cozy but not too big that it makes your garden look small.

The front side of the house has two large windows and a dual-pane glass door that also make this tiny home a great sunroom, perfect for hanging out in the summer.

Price: Starting at $7,295

Jamaica Cottage Shop: Vermont Cottage

No matter your location, this tiny home is sure to set you in the serene landscape of New England. It is no surprise the company has mastered the Vermont Cottage design as it is based in Jamaica, Vermont.

The Vermont Cottage kit is available in three different layouts and sizes: 16 x 20, 16 x 24, and 16 x 30.

All three cottages offer a one-room design with a loft. Two of their cottages have a front porch while the third one leaves off the porch to provide extra space inside the home.

Price: Starting at $19,458

84 Lumber: The Roving

The Roving is one of the leading tiny homes for portability. This tiny home is great for a weekend camping trip or a completely nomadic lifestyle. It measures 154 square feet and comes with nice features such as LED lighting, a compost toilet, a small fridge and a working sink.

Not only is it functional but it is also visually appealing with reclaimed wood, a peaked roof and green shingling.

The Roving has a straightforward layout: a single room downstairs and a lofted bedroom upstairs.

Price: Starting at $6,884

Allwood: Lillevilla Escape Cabin

Allwood’s Lillevilla Escape Cabin is exactly what most people think a tiny home looks like. It is adorned with exposed Nordic spruce wood and a peaked roof offering a cozy living space.

The kit includes wooden parts, hardware, doors and windows. Not to mention it also comes with a very easy set up process, taking most customers only a few hours.

It sits at 113 square feet and will make a great home office, backyard sanctuary or guest cottage.

Though this tiny home’s design and features are an upgrade over many of the other homes offered by Allwood, it is still very affordable, making it a great value purchase for any customer.

Price: Starting at $5,350

84 Lumber: The Countryside

At 203 square feet, some would consider the Countryside tiny home an oxymoron as it does have a lot of space—or at least more than most tiny homes on the market right now.

Its layout includes a kitchen, bathroom with a compost toilet and full shower and a lofted bedroom.

The exterior of the house is just as nice with rustic wood paneling, and cathedral ceilings that give customers a Victorian aesthetic. The kit also comes with several amenities such as an electric water heater, a ductless cooling and heating system, a raised bar area and more.

The Countryside is also mobile with radial tires, safety brakes and stabilizing jacks that are suited for all your travels.

Price: Starting at $6,800

Like any home, customers should find a tiny home that best fits their wants and needs. Each of the homes listed are great for their own reasons. For example, Allwood’s Lillevilla Escape Cabin is an ideal option for future tiny homeowners that want to save a little money. 84 Lumber’s The Roving is great for homeowners who plan to take lots of road trips. There are endless possibilities when it comes to finding the perfect tiny home. Even if a homeowner rather not take the time to set up a tiny home kit, there are also options to purchase the kit “ready-to-go”, which provides a unique avenue of work for contractors and handymen.

In many areas of the county, legislation is changing or updating to encourage homeowners to think differently about their living space. Tiny homes offer the opportunity to own a home at a fraction of the typical price and the freedom to spend time and money living a life of adventure and ease instead of upkeep and maintenance. It’s a great opportunity for trade professionals to widen the scope of their offerings to include the specific needs of tiny home owners. is here to support your business growth. We can help you find and make the most of every opportunity to increase the number of jobs you land and the income you earn. Learn more about finding new areas for business growth and marketing with our website and reputation management services.