Once you become a certified EVSE electrician, you will need to find a few reliable vendors. Your customers will expect you to have extensive knowledge of the EVSE options on the market for their specific vehicle. There are several options available when it comes to finding a EVSE vendor. Whichever you choose ultimately depends on the needs of the driver you are servicing.

Here is a list of EVSE vendors that offer a vast array of brands with varying features:


EVSE Brand(s): ChargePoint

Management Provider(s): ChargePoint

ChargePoint is known for being one of the most secure EVSE platforms for EV charging station owners, drivers and stakeholders alike. Statistics show that every two seconds, a driver plugs into ChargePoint.

They boast over 13,000 commercial charging locations with their headquarters located in Campbell, California. Features include:

  • 24/7 driver support
  • 24/7 centralized station monitoring
  • 208/240V 30A, single and dual port options
  • 18' cable and cable management
  • Wall mount and pedestal mount options
  • Payment handling support

EV Connect

EVSE Brand(s): EVBox; BTCPower; AeroVironment; EVoCharge

Management Provider(s): EV Connect

EV Connect is one of the leading EVSE manufacturers for commercial, hospitality, educational and government facilities.

What makes EV Connect so desirable to its customers is their ability to provide customers with full control of the charging experience. This includes things such as management of access, pricing, utilization, drivers and energy, just to name a few.

Additional perks offered by EV Connect include a 24/7 365 driver experience center based in California and a mobile application that gives users access to real-time visibility of various charging factors such as activity, locations, access and payments.

Unlike many other EVSE vendors, EV Connect offers a relatively wide variety of brands to choose from.


EVSE Brand(s): EVBox

Management Provider(s): EVBox, AmpUp, ChargeLab, EV Connect, EV Gateway, Greenlots

EVBox is the top global provider of EVSE, with over 200,000 charging ports installed. With EVBox, you have a choice between their flagship charging station and their premium charging station. EVBox markets their charging stations as smart, reliable and easy to use.

Some of EVBox’s most popular features include:

  • Award-winning ADA-compliant design
  • Auto-locking cable holsters
  • 8” multilanguage touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE connectivity
  • Bluetooth commissioning


EVSE Brand(s): PowerCharge

Management Provider(s): EVConnect

PowerCharge is another EVSE vendor that prides itself in offering robust and flexible charging stations along with extensive warranties.

A unique perk that comes with PowerCharge stations is the ability to edit field configurations for either open-access, RFID access-control, or networked without changing out the entire station.

Power Charge offers many options for your charging station:

  • Wall or pedestal mount
  • Single/dual/quad
  • With or without cable retractors
  • Power output from 16 to 70 amp
  • Standard or extended warranties

As PowerCharge is managed by EVConnect, it also has backend software that allows drivers to track and monitor things like access, pricing, utilization, drivers, and energy.

Like EVConnect, PowerCharge also has a 24/7 support center to service drivers and station owners.


EVSE Brand(s): EVoCharge

Management Provider(s): EV Connect

Founded in 2009, EVoCharge is one the oldest EVSE vendors in North America. It has grown to become an industry leader priding themselves with providing reliable, safe and affordable charging stations for single family, multi-family, workplaces and other commercial spaces.

With EVoCharge, compatibility is never an issue as their stations are compatible with all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids sold in the U.S. and Canada.

Upon being hired to install EVSE in a home or even commercially, be sure to talk to your customer about their expectations and requirements. Do they want their charging station to include an app where they can always monitor their charging activities? Do they value an extended warranty over a standard one? Take in all this information and use it to find the vendor that can supply you and your customer with the best EVSE for the job.

As electric vehicles become more popular, the transformation from gas powered cars will rely heavily on trade professionals who can supply the labor needed to upgrade private and public infrastructure. Electricians who are able to install and maintain charging stations will be in demand as well as designers and home builders who incorporate charging effortlessly into their home and work places layouts.

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