Tesla cars are becoming more and more popular in recent years. Their sleek design is encouraging people to join the movement for sustainability and eco-friendly transportation.

As the number of EV drivers on the roads continue to increase, so will the need for home charger installations. Though there are options for public charging, a home charging station offers more convenience and reliability. This is where the need for a Tesla certified electrician comes in.

A “Tesla certified electrician” is simply an electrician or company that has undergone training by Tesla and is certified as an installer that is capable of properly setting up Tesla ESVE.

What are the benefits?

Although you do not have to be Tesla certified to install a home charging station, there are many benefits that do come with the certification.

  • A Tesla certification establishes credibility and trust. It shows your customers that you invest in your career as an electrician and have acquired extensive knowledge and experience through your training.

  • Stay up to date with the latest trends in consumer and industrial electricity.

  • Tesla will promote you to EV drivers in your area as a Tesla certified electrician. This will help you find more work, complete more installs and make more money.

  • Tesla will always recommend that owners have their EVSE installed and serviced by one of their certified electricians.

How can I become certified?

It is important to know that before you can apply for this certification, you must already be a licensed electrician working either as an independent contractor or as an employee for an electricity company. If you decide you are interested in the Tesla program and its certification, you will first be required to apply for it. The application can be found on the Tesla website, and you will be required to fill out a form.

The Tesla certified electrician application form will require you to fill out the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Email address and phone number
  • Region
  • Address
  • Company name
  • Products you will work with
  • The number of installations you hope to complete in a year
  • Company address
  • Website
  • Number of employees
  • The certifications/licenses you currently have
  • Insurance document

After submitting the application, you will be required to wait for further directions from Tesla. The follow-up information given to you may vary depending on if you are an independent contractor and what certifications you already have. Due to high level of interest, the application form nor the program will be available at all times. If you are interested and find that the application is unavailable, be sure to check back regularly for Tesla to reopen the form and the program.

As electric vehicles become more popular, the transformation from gas powered cars will rely heavily on trade professionals who can supply the labor needed to upgrade private and public infrastructure. Electricians who are able to install and maintain charging stations will be in demand as well as designers and home builders who incorporate charging effortlessly into their home and work places layouts.

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