One of the most popular third-party review websites for home service companies is Angi, formerly known as Angie’s List. Angi is a lead generation and review site that helps customers find your business when they search for the services you provide. It allows home service businesses to earn more leads while helping homeowners find great trade pros in their area thanks to reviews written by previous customers. Angi features more than 30 service categories and allows you to create a business listing for free. Not to mention, it also offers ad placement services for a fee.

How does Angi work?

Your business will be recommended to potential customers in your area

Once a user signs up for an account and purchases a membership, they will have access to your business profile as well many other profiles in Angi’s business directory. They can look up businesses by name or filter out local businesses according to how high your ratings are, how far you are from them and whether they can hire your immediately.

Users can view comprehensive information about your business

Once a user finds your business profile, they won’t just find generic reviews and contact information. In addition to general information, they will also find details like how your company ranks in different categories of service, how many reviews you have, and if there have been any disputes between you and customers. They will also have access to in-depth reviews that show what was good and bad about each customer experience.

Users can write reviews about your business

Users can write very thorough reviews about their experience with your business. Not only is this beneficial for other potential customers but it also benefits you by letting you know exactly which areas of your business need work. Users will be able to give your business a “grade”, ranging from "A" (best) to "F" (worst) for your overall business in addition to five key categories: price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism. Angi even goes as far as asking customers specific questions about the details of the project completed and whether they will return or recommend you to another customer.

What are the benefits of Angi reviews?

Increases exposure

Like any other online platform, Angi is just another medium that will boost your exposure and increase brand awareness. Furthermore, it is free to create a business listing. If your business boast several positive reviews, you will rise to the top. However, if you are not receiving as many reviews as you’d like, you can always pay for ad placement services to gain more visibility.

Increases trust if you have positive reviews

Since Angi users do have to pay for a membership, you can be generally sure that reviews are verified, non-biased and based on true experiences. You do not have to worry about a random person or internet bot tarnishing your reputation with fake reviews. If you know that you are a trust-worthy business that provides great services, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to ranking and will find that users have more confidence in your business after reading fantastic reviews.

Creating an Angi business listing will provide you with a link to your profile where users can read about your business and write reviews. This is an extra link that can be added to your website which is very valuable for SEO ranking.

How do I get reviews on Angi?

  1. Go to Angi's site and click Business Owners in the top-left corner.

  2. Once in the Angi Business Center, click the Claim Your Profile button.

  3. In the Company Name box, type in the full name of your business.

  4. In the Company ZIP box, type in the mailing code for your company’s address.

  5. Click Search

  6. Though it is possible, it is unlikely that Angi will be able to find your business. That just means that you nor anyone else has added it. In the box that pops up, click Add Company.

  7. You will be directed to a new window that will allow you to enter your company’s details.

  8. Angi prompts customers to review your business and services after a transaction. Since this is a closed system, the reviews are generally trusted and honest.

Though Angi can be yet another great way to flaunt your overall business and customer satisfaction, it is important to note some of the disadvantages. Remember that if you are not staying on top of things, negative reviews can bring your profile rating down, discouraging users from doing business with you. Something else to consider is the fact that Angi users may not get a chance to hear about the great experiences of your previous customers who may not be Angi members.

Customer reviews are essential to finding new leads and closing more deals. A businesses that is highly recommended can also charge more for services because customers trust the company to do the work well and efficiently. Learn more about integrating customer reviews into your marketing plan.

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