Finding viable leads can be difficult for many home service providers. Home Advisor is a popular online home service marketplace where service providers can quickly and easily connect with the homeowners that seek them out. Pros have the benefit of purchasing leads directly through Home Advisor, while homeowners can read and write detailed reviews of past customer experiences.

How does Home Advisor work?

When a homeowner is in need of a pro to complete a project, they can go to the Home Advisor website and fill out a service request form that answers several questions such as job type, job scope and location.

Home Advisor then takes that information and uses it to route the request and the homeowner to pros who have indicated an interest in leads in that specific area and field of work.

The customer’s contact information is sent to three or four Home Advisor members via email, text, or phone call so that they can contact the customer directly to discuss the requested project. At the same time, the customer is sent the pros’ profile information which includes information like contact details, customer ratings and reviews and a link to each professional's website.

The Home Advisor Pro profile is divided into 3 sections:

Overall Information:

  • Business name
  • HomeAdvisor specific achievements and badges (e.g., top-rated, elite service, screened and approved, etc.)
  • Total number of reviews
  • Percentage of customers that recommend the business
  • Contact information
  • Business hours


  • Aggregate review ratings
  • Breakdown of reviews, by rating
  • Attributes (tags) that outline what the company is known for


  • Number of stars listed
  • The name of the reviewer
  • Reviewer’s location
  • The work that was done
  • Reviews from customers
  • Response from the company reviews

What are the benefits of Home Advisor?


The main reason Home Advisor is still going strong after so many years is because it works. In a world where people are relying on the internet to find service providers, it is important to have a strong online presence. Luckily, Home Advisor already has a great online presence and is user friendly so all you have to do is hop right on and start receiving reviews and most importantly, more leads.

Good for new businesses

Home Advisor is an ideal platform for new businesses. There is no way to generate leads via word of mouth or receive positive reviews if you have no customers. Home Advisor allows you to use their brand to build trust and gain your first customers.

How do I start receiving reviews?

The great thing about Home Advisor is that it solicits reviews on your behalf, so you don’t have to. However, you can also request reviews directly from your customers once a project is complete. There are a few ways you can do this but arguably the easiest and best way is to share your Home Advisor review link.

  1. Go to
  2. From the main menu, select Pro Reviews
  3. Select the button that says Review Your Home Advisor Pro Now, Write a Review
  4. In the search bar, enter your business type and location
  5. From the search results page, select the Review button next to your business’s location
  6. You will be directed to your Leave a Review page
  7. Copy the URL
  8. Begin sending it to customers via email or text message and post it on your website.

Customers who are on the Home Advisor website are ready to hire a pro and start their project. On other sites they may be dreaming about future possibilities or projects that are out of their budget. The qualification process at Home Advisor means that these leads are reliable and ready to purchase. The reviews you receive on Home Advisor can only be from those who worked with your business based on a referral from the form they completed. The reviews are visible to anyone visiting the site and can help them make well-informed decisions about hiring for a project in the immediate future.

Customer reviews are essential to finding new leads and closing more deals. A businesses that is highly recommended can also charge more for services because customers trust the company to do the work well and efficiently. Learn more about integrating customer reviews into your marketing plan.

To supercharge your business with curated customer reviews and extra visibility for the reviews that make your business shine, has reputation management programs to fit your needs. We’ll keep track of your projects, reach out to customers on your behalf and ensure that every transaction ends with a satisfied homeowner.