Due to the development of technology and social media, more businesses than ever have been pushed into the online marketplace. People are spending more time shopping online, thus making social media advertising a key factor in driving sales for small businesses.

Fortunately, Facebook has come up with a plan to make things a bit easier for small business owners and marketers. In 2020, they launched their new Facebook Business Suite. It is designed to help businesses manage their profiles and pages on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and even WhatsApp. It allows small business owners to save time on social media management while keeping up to date on messages and getting a sense of business insights based on analytics and ad tracking.

Though Facebook Business Suite was created with small business in mind, they plan to further develop it to eventually cater to businesses of all sizes.

What is it?

Facebook Business Suite is the platform’s new social media management tool. It replaces the Pages Manager and Facebook Analytics apps, and has many of the same features found in Creator Studio. Instead of navigating back and forth between Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Business Suite allows small business owners to:

  • Engage with followers
  • Schedule posts
  • Respond to messages
  • Manage advertising
  • Check engagement data all from one homepage (accessible on both desktop and mobile).

What are the benefits?


Facebook Business Suite gives small businesses the ability to schedule posts, manage ads, and check notifications from one location. This is so beneficial because it frees up time to focus on other small business issues like operations and employee management.

Automated Messages

Business owners can set automated messages that answer a common question or direct followers to a page with more answers—all from a mobile device. This feature is especially useful and relevant when consumers are more likely to go straight to Facebook, instead of a company’s website to find the current information on hours and safety precautions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Easy-to-Read Analytics

Business Suite offers an overall analytics design that provides clear business and marketing insights. It even offers comparisons between a business’s presence across both Instagram and Facebook in addition to a filter that can be used to sort data in many ways.

Insights offered in Facebook Business Suite include:

  • The performance of your Facebook Page and Instagram business profile, like trends in reach.
  • Your ad account’s cross-platform spend.
  • Organic and boosted post content engagement, including likes and comments.
  • Demographic and geographic summaries of people who like your Page and follow your Instagram business profile.

How to use it?

  1. The first step to getting started with Facebook Business Suite is making sure that your Facebook and Instagram business accounts are linked.
  2. Log into your Facebook account and visit Business Manager on your desktop.
  3. If you are eligible, you will be directed to the new Facebook Business Suite page automatically. If you are using the Pages Manager App on mobile, you will see an invitation to opt for Business Suite instead.

Once you are in Business Suite, you’ll find a navigation tab on the left with several options including:

  • Activity: Shows notifications.
  • Inbox: Displays messages from both Instagram and Facebook but can be filtered by platform.
  • Posts: Directs you to a page that contains both published and scheduled content.
  • Page Settings: Hidden under the “More Tools” section, this feature allows you make changes regarding your social media pages.

Keep in mind that Facebook Business Suite is a relatively new system. If you experience bugs, be sure to report them as this feedback is important for Facebook to continue to make fixes and updates as time goes by. If you are a beginner to the world of social media for businesses, you may want to consider working exclusively in either Facebook or Instagram to get a hang of things in a more intuitive way before jumping into a more advanced platform Facebook Business Suite.

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