If you are not using Facebook stories, you are missing out on a whole world of interaction and engagement from the 150 million plus people that use it every day. Started in 2017, Facebook stories are short video and photo posts that disappear after 24 hours. They appear on top of the normal Facebook news feed, and it is essentially Facebook’s answer to capitalizing on the success of Snapchat and Instagram stories.

You’re probably thinking “It is already difficult enough to think of fresh and original content for my regular news feed. Now I have to think of content for my story posts too?” Luckily, we have provided a list of 7 creative ways you can use Facebook stories for your business:

Share announcements

Facebook stories are an instant way to share business announcements. If you are currently hosting a promotion with limited-time offerings, it would be a great idea to post that information on a story to encourage your audience to take advantage before the promotion is over. You can also use stories to promote new products or services before they make it to your feed.

Show your product/services in action

Use your stories to give your audience ideas on how to use or style your product and services. For example, if you specialize in interior design, post room inspiration ideas with various wall color schemes, furniture and decor. You can also use stories to show how your products and services are being used by customers. Using Facebook stories is a great way to share lots of photos of videos in succession. Viewers will see each one for a few seconds and be inspired by your designs.


One of the greatest advantages of story posts is that they do not have to be elaborate, polished productions. Consider using your Facebook stories to share quick videos during the set up for an event or during the process of performing a service. You can share mishaps and funny moments that capture a day in the life of your company.

How-tos and tutorials

Facebook stories are sequential by nature. Each clip is 10 seconds long and automatically plays one after the other which makes it great for step-by-step tutorials and how-to content. This quick fun-sized content provides a more relaxed and casual approach to the traditional how-to tutorial videos or blog posts that most people are accustomed to seeing.

Host Q&As

Consider asking your audience about their experience with your products, services and overall business. How can you improve? What should you do differently? In addition to asking serious questions, you can also ask fun questions simply to drive engagement such as “Where is your favorite room in the house to relax?” or “What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?” Asking questions keeps viewers engaged and those who submit questions will watch to get the answer.

Recognize fans and followers

Another great way to use stories is by shouting out your followers and fans. People love individual recognition, especially if it comes from business that they care about and spend their money with. Though you may not want to have your page cluttered with posts of you thanking all your followers, stories are a quick and easy way to get the message across.

Facebook stories are so beneficial for businesses because it gives yet another opportunity to increase engagement, drive traffic, encourage awareness and promote time sensitive offerings. Another great benefit is if you already have an Instagram account, Facebook allows you to share story content from your Instagram directly to your Facebook stories with just the click of a button. If Facebook’s algorithm has made it difficult for your page to gain as much visibility as you’d like, Facebook stories may be your chance to be seen.

Facebook is an essential social media site for your business. With the large number of users, your presence there will help potential customers find you, become exited about your work and hire you. At trades.org we know that social media can be confusing and overwhelming. We can help you craft a profile that attracts your ideal customer and shows your skills. Let our team work for your team on social sites so you can spend your time doing what you do best.