It seems that just about everything in this world is turning to automation via artificial intelligence (AI). Zoominfo predicts that about 95% of all business interactions with customers will be driven by artificial intelligence. While it is important to be hands-on with your business, artificial intelligence software such as chatbots can make your life as a business owner a little more manageable.

What is it?

A chatbot is a digital software or program that automates conversation with a user. They can be programmed with different responses based on questions or statements that the user initiates. Chatbot marketing is a great strategy that assists in automatically streamlining customer communication up to a certain point before the customer or user is directed to a real person for assistance.

How can chatbots be used?


A chatbot can be used to complete tasks such as collect emails and set appointments. Through automated tasks like these, you will be able to lead people more efficiently into your sales pipeline and begin a great customer journey. In this day and age, people are hesitant to pick up the phone and call about a service. A chatbot is an easy way to start online communication in a way that may be more comfortable for your potential customers.


Many businesses have a frequently asked questions page where they simply list the questions and answers. With chatbots, you can actually program them to recognize your frequently asked questions and automatically respond with the appropriate answer. This is a newer and more interactive approach that can be fun for customers and could be the deciding factor that makes you stand out over a competitor, thus prompting the customer to choose you.


Some chatbots such as Facebook Messenger allow you to provide a personal shopping experience directly within the software. You can program it to send the user a list of products, services and prices which will then proceed to automate the process of making a purchase upon the customer’s request. This is a really cool feature that will take some of the workload off of your plate as the chatbot does it for you.


One of the main purposes for using chatbots is for lead marketing. Once someone messages your chatbot, you can set it up so that it continuously sends information and helpful messages that will nurture the potential customer into eventually making a purchase. This marketing tactic can be even more effective than email marketing because it provides a more personable one-on-one communication.

Customer Service

Chatbots are great for improving customer service because they are much quicker, pulling information from a database in a matter of seconds or minutes. It would take us, humans, a lot longer to do the same. You will find that your customer satisfaction rate will increase thanks to the chatbot’s 24/7 availability and immediacy.

Understand that you should not expect chatbots to completely take over your business for you. There should be some sort of human interference in order for chatbots to be their most effective. Chatbots should be used as conversation starters that eventually lead to human representatives. Be sure to conduct regular check-ins with your chatbots to confirm that are still working properly. Though they are great for improving your business management, you must remember that a chatbot is not a "set it and forget it" type of system.

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