Generally speaking, most consumers will not make a purchase or hire a company upon their first visit to a company’s website. People want time to properly do their research before they come to a decision. The only problem is a great majority of your website’s visitors may not plan to return. How can you remarket to these people to increase the likelihood of them coming back to make a purchase?

Collecting e-mail addresses is one of the most effective ways to create a contact list that will allow you to stay in constant communication with your targeted audience. You want to be sure that you are not just collecting contacts but that you are collecting contact information attached to people who will eventually become leads. Getting people to hand over their e-mail addresses is not always easy, especially if their inbox is already filled with promotional e-mails from other businesses. So how do you get site visitors to subscribe to your mailing list?

Here are a few tried and tested ways to collect e-mail addresses on your business website:

Create Custom Pop-Ups

It is not very likely that a website visitor will go searching for an e-mail sign-up form on your website if it is not easily accessible. Though they can be annoying, pop-ups are probably the most popular method of how to collect e-mail addresses on your website because users can’t overlook them. You can even customize your pop-ups with different messaging depending on the demographic of your user. You can use smart trigger settings to make your pop-ups more effective and less annoying by setting them to appear after a set time period, after a certain amount of scrolling or on a set day of the week.

Offer Incentives via Lead Magnets

Also called an opt-in offer, a lead magnet is essentially an incentive offered to website visitors in exchange for their e-mail addresses. The most effective lead magnets are those that solve relatable problems quickly. Videos tend to be one the best lead magnets, but other types of successful lead magnets include:

  • Checklists
  • Reports
  • Courses
  • eBooks
  • Spreadsheets
  • Templates
  • Free Trial

Run a Competition

If you’re not seeing much conversion with typical lead magnets, running a competition for users that subscribe is a fantastic way to improve your offer. The reward can be as simple as a discounted product or service. The greater the prize, the more e-mail addresses you will collect. The one disadvantage of this e-mail collection method is that you run the risk of creating an e-mail list full of people who are disengaged and only subscribed for the purpose of possibly winning a prize. It is important to balance this strategy with other opt-in methods so that you still get a high sign-up rate without ruining your e-mail list.

Create Quizzes

Online quizzes can be a fun and interesting way to attract leads. According to LeadQuizzes, online quizzes can increase your lead capture by up to 500%. Examples of online quizzes include Topshop’s style quiz and Airbnb’s Trip Matcher quiz. Make sure the quiz you create is relevant to your website’s niche so that you know you’re collecting e-mail addresses from your targeted audience.

Display Opt-In Forms on Website

Simply displaying your opt-in form in an easy-to-find location on your site can be a subtle and less bothersome way to collect e-mail addresses. Consider using side, top and bottom bars that stay in place as users scroll so that the opt-in form is constantly seen. The conversion rate on these simple forms tends to be low but it is still worth trying out. You will find that the users who fill out these forms are your most motivated subscribers because they went out of their way to subscribe simply because they want to know more about your business and not just because they will get something out of it.

As you collect your users’ e-mail addresses, it is important to keep in touch with them. Collecting email addresses will not be of much benefit to your business if you are not taking advantage of the opportunity to send them consistent updates, promotions and newsletters. E-mail marketing campaigns can be an effective way to boost your sales once you find an e-mail collection method that works best for you.

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