Your business is connected to the local economy. It’s likely your customers live on your block, attend school with your kids and wave to you at the grocery store. If you are only interested in attracting customers from the small radius around where you live, you may not feel like you need a website that will be available to searchers all over the world. Do local businesses really need websites?

The answer is an unqualified YES. The internet is the first place people turn to when making purchasing decisions, from buying a new TV at a big box store to deciding where to eat dinner tonight in their own neighborhood. When someone in your town Googles how long a hot water heater should last, your plumbing services website should allow them to find the answer and schedule a consultation, right from their phone at any time of the day or night.

Google has also gotten much better at figuring out what people really want when they search. When you search for information on upgrading your bathroom, the sites you see won’t be from the largest companies in California (unless you live close to one!). They’ll be from the bathroom contractors who work in your area. Having a website makes sure you are competitive with other local businesses.

As you establish your new website for your business, keep in mind these factors that make a website essential, even for attracting local customers.

A local business website never takes a day off

You can include all the basic information that people want about your business. Your hours, location, specialty and the ability to schedule consultations can all be on your website. A potential customer can have their questions answered at midnight or on a Sunday afternoon.

If you can provide details about what services you offer, how long projects take, what types of materials you typically use and other relevant information, visitors can decide if they are a qualified lead for your business before making an initial call or scheduling a estimate. More of your time will be spent with homeowners that will actually become customers.

Adding the ability to schedule consultations and estimates on your website automates a process that would before take several phone calls and interruptions to your day. A powerful website can provide all these conveniences to you in one platform!

Integrate with Google Maps

Google’s algorithms are always updating to make it easier for searchers to find exactly what they are looking for in the first few search results. Google Maps can integrate with your website. You can easily embed a map on your home page that shows exactly where you are located. With a single tap, visitors can get directions to your location and see if you perform work where they live.

When homeowners are searching for services such as electricians and plumbers, Google knows they want local solutions. On the results page, your business will appear on a map and a link will send them right to your website or let them open their calling app directly from Google.

Google My Business Boosts your Website

A Google My Business profile supercharges your website by showing essential information and providing links to your website on the search results page. Your business will also show up in Google Maps when people are searching in a specific geographic area as long as the information pulled from your website is accurate and up to date.

Customers can leave reviews on a Google Business page, but you need to have a Google My Business account to interact with those customers. Integrating your website with your Google My Business information gives searchers a seamless experience and ensures that your business shows up in their local search results as operational, trustworthy and easy to contact.

In a market where everything is done online, even local businesses depend on their websites to drive customers and see their business as the solution to their household problems or goals. If you want to be competitive in your field, be seen as a legitimate business and show potential customers what you can do, a website is your best marketing tool. Learn more about using your website to grow you business with our guide on website traffic.

Creating a business website doesn’t have to be time consuming and tedious. can build an attractive and functional website for you after a short conversation about your business. Start today to begin attracting new customers.