If your home has hardwood floors or it’s your dream to install them, a hardwood floor specialist can make sure your floors look their best. These professionals are highly trained in recognizing types of wood, knowing how to repair and refinish all kinds of wood floors, and are able to seamlessly install new flooring.

A hardwood floor specialist is educated in all of these areas:

  • Identifying types of wood and understanding their unique properties
  • Basic carpentry skills
  • Removing current flooring
  • Installation of new floors, including repairing a damaged subfloor and updating baseboards
  • Repairing and refinishing, including water damaged floors
  • Buffing and re-coating

Rather than hiring a general laborer or contractor, you may want to consider hiring a hardwood floor pro in any of these situations:

You want to restore your hardwood floors to their former glory

Hardwood floor specialists can look at a floor and know exactly what type of wood it is, how it will wear and what method is best to protect it. Professionals can make sure new pieces blend with the original floor and that it shines just as it did when it was first installed.

They also understand why floors squeak and can take measures to prevent that. If your floors are starting to look dull and have scratches, a professional can buff and re-coat the floors to give them a like-new shine.

Even if you think you can do the work yourself, remember that pros have professional grade tools especially intended to produce the best results. Their specialized knowledge means they preserve the integrity of the wood, use the correct equipment and finishes, and reduce the dust created in the process. Professionals will be much more efficient if you are short on time.

Hardwood flooring is being installed

If your home has carpet, vinyl, tile or any other kind of flooring, but you want hardwood floors, it is best to consult with a professional about your choices. Hardwood floor pros understand the requirements for supporting a new hardwood floor and can ensure that your project is done correctly, with beautiful results.

They will also be familiar with engineered hardwood options and be able to help you decide what is best for your home. They are experts on subfloor support, design, finishes, and protective coatings.

You want to increase the value of your home According to realtors, homes with hardwood floors sell quicker and for a higher price. But those floors must look wonderful when potential buyers visit. A hardwood floor specialist will make sure that your floors are perfect, whether you are having old floors refinished or new ones installed. They will match the baseboards to the floor for a beautiful finish with all the details taken into account.

You have design questions

A hardwood floor specialist knows all the kinds of wood that can be used for flooring and expert techniques for making your floors stand out. With so many options for types of wood, color and design, a pro can help you decide what works best for your space. You know what an oak floor looks like, but would teak look great in your den? What holds up best in high traffic areas? What woods won’t be affected by the humidity in you environment?

A specialist will also have access to rare woods and unique cutting and finishing options that you won’t find in big retailers. Their expertise will give you countless possibilities that will stun your guests. They know what type of stain to use on what kinds of wood and how many coats of polyurethane the floor will need to be fully protected.

A specialist can also recommend the best products for cleaning and protecting your floors in the future so they look beautiful for years to come.

ー A general contractor will know how to install flooring, but if you want expert opinions and experience, look for a hardwood floor specialist. They will be certified by the National Wood Flooring Association. These professionals have years of experience and can make your new hardwood floor instillation process easy or restore your old hardwood floors to look like new.