Traditional construction delivery methods compartmentalize all the various professionals and tasks of the project. Because few people are involved in overall planning, there are many inefficiencies and misunderstandings. The result of this disjointed communication is loss of time, money and reputations.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a construction method for delivering services more efficiently. It seeks to integrate all the involved parties and uses technology to help them communicate clearly. This is a multi-party contract, meaning that it is not simply between the property owner and the general contractor. The contract is made with a team of professionals that will be working on and making decisions about the property, and all the specifics that entails.

If your contractor or builder utilizes an IPD, the entire team will work together as a single entity to increase productivity and decrease waste and conflict. The goal for each team member is completion of the entire project, not just completion of their specific task. The entire team gains or loses profit based on overall performance and not their individual responsibilities.

Every aspect of a project, from design through construction, is included in the IPD process. Everyone understands the entirety of the scope and what their role is. Each member of the team is involved from the earliest planning stages. The goals of Integrated Project Delivery are:

  • Include and respect the talents and insights of all participants
  • Increase the value of the property
  • Decrease waste
  • Improve efficiency
  • Transparency and trust

Using these guiding principles, an IPD team works together to establish the best plan for the project. Taking into account all information and expertise from all the involved parties allows the team to collaborate and develop a plan that is efficient, cost effective, and has beautiful and functional results.

How Property Owners Work with an Integrated Project Delivery Team

The IPD team treats property owners as an equal and important partner in all decisions concerning construction and remodeling. Because all information is quickly and easily shared with the whole team via technology, you will feel that you can confidently make a decision. Your goals will be clearly stated and shared, so you know that everyone is on the same page. The whole team will have a thorough understanding of your goals so they can all help you maintain your budget and timeline for project completion.

If you want to be very hands-on with your construction project, this may be the kind of construction delivery you would prefer. As the property owner, you will be involved with all meetings and decisions about the property. You will need to understand every team member’s role as well as the technical specifics of the construction process because your opinion will be just as heavily weighted as anyone else.

It will be your responsibility to secure funding and clearly communicate the needs and plans for the new construction. You will establish the goals for the overall project as well as benchmarks for payment and schedule. Your approval will be necessary for all plans and changes to the project.

How Trade Pros Work with an Integrated Project Delivery Team

An IPD is formed to allow you to share your expertise at all stages of the project. The earlier each member contributes to the planning and design, the fewer change orders will be required. Involvement with an IPD will let you see the big picture and how your part is integral to the competent completion of construction. You will be able to see where you fit as well as anticipate any problems before work begins.

You will be involved much earlier than you typically are with a standard construction method. The team will rely on your experience in making decisions about design, costs, time lines, purchasing, and more.

It is important that you are involved early and trust your fellow team members to respect your opinion, and work for the common good of the project. An IDP allows you to use your skills efficiently and work seamlessly with a team that is also doing their best work. Because so much focus is put on planning, all voices are heard equally and authority is given to plan that best a achieves the goals.

In an IPD, it will be your responsibility to be involved in the planning by submitting a budget and schedule. Expect to submit several options for the team to consider and decide what best fits the project. You will also need to inform the team of any construction prerequisites, and how you plan to work with the other trade professionals on the job site.

As a newer construction delivery method, Integrated Project Delivery strives to provide a better experience for everyone involved with the project by honoring their expertise and respecting their opinions and work methods. While it does require more intense planning at the beginning of the project, the result is less wasted time, money and materials.