The fastest growing small business sector in the country is the construction industry. Many of the new construction companies that are being started are Black-owned and female-owned. Several of these Black-owned construction companies are being hired to complete high-profile projects, which has finally given them the exposure and pay that they deserve.

Here is a list of four Black-owned companies that are doing big things in the construction industry:

McKissack & McKissack

McKissack & McKissack is the oldest African American-owned and female-run construction company in the country. Its roots go all the way back over two centuries ago to a slave named Moses, who learned the building trade from his master during the Antebellum period, before the Civil War. After his building skills were passed down several generations, Deryl McKissack, his great-great granddaughter, launched her own construction firm, McKissack & McKissack, in Washington D.C. as a sole entrepreneur.

McKissack & McKissack has been listed in many Engineering News-Record top rankings lists over the years, and has been selected to complete many high-profile projects. One of those projects includes coordinating the design and construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall, which they were selected to do by the Smithsonian. One of the many McKissack & McKissack missions is to show women of color that they can build wealth in a construction industry that looks like them.

You can get more information about McKissack & McKissack’s portfolio and job opportunities on their website.

Castle Black Construction

Castle Black Construction is a construction company based in Memphis, Tennessee. It was founded in 2005 by twin brothers Jonathan and Jarrett Logan. Castle Black Construction has tripled in size after re-branding their company in 2013. The company is projected to be the largest minority contracting business in Tennessee with projects also being developed in Mississippi and Arkansas. The company also boasts its ability to take on any project type from inception to completion, while being the only minority construction company in the city to make competitive bids on multi-million dollar projects.

Learn more about Castle Black Construction here.

C.D. Moody Construction

C.D. Moody Construction is a company with an exceptional story. The Atlanta-based company was started in 1988 by C. David Moody, when he and his wife were suffering from financial hardships due to debt. Now, C. David Moody has a 49% partner deal on restaurants, retail shops, offices, and even a performing arts center construction deal worth $650 million in Atlanta, Georgia. C.D. Moody Construction has completed over 200 commercial projects with a worth of about $3 billion. Some of the company's most notable projects include the Maynard Jackson International Terminal, Olympic Stadium and Turner Field, and Morehouse Leadership Center.

You can learn more C.D. Moody Construction and apply for subcontractor jobs here.

W.T. Stevens Construction

W.T. Stevens Construction is a construction company with a history that goes back to 1960, when W.T. Stevens moved to Flint, Michigan in 1960 and started a home-based construction business. He started off with very few tools and eventually grew his portfolio by buying more tools as he earned money from grading, excavating, concrete removal and replacement, and residential demolition. After W.T. Stevens passed away in 2002, his children established W.T. Stevens Construction, Inc. as a corporate entity.

Though W.T. Stevens Construction is now made up of only 25 employees, the company has been awarded a multi-million dollar service contract to replace over 18,000 water pipes that are corroded with lead in Flint, Michigan during the water crisis.

Learn more about W.T. Stevens' projects and contributions to the Flint community on their website.

These companies and many more just like it are seeking people to hire for various positions and subcontractors to partner with. If you can, reach out to learn how you can become a contributing factor to these businesses that are working towards the success of Black professionals. On the other hand, if you are a potential client looking to support Black businesses that also have reliable portfolios, longevity, and credibility, consider a company on this list if your location permits.